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Adaptations and Vehicle Compatibility

Person hoistsFor Motability customers looking for a vehicle that can be adapted, ordering the adaptations through your dealership when they order their car is “the only way to take advantage of the great prices the Motability scheme offers.”… 

However, not all adaptations are suitable for every type of car; the best approach is to consider the compatibility of the car with the adaptations that are required in mind.

This is where we come in to help you and your customer!

We encourage you to call us when you’re with a customer if they’re unsure of the adaptations they need or, they know what they need but you must determine if their favoured vehicle is suitable for these adaptations.

As well as giving practical advice on the telephone and via email, we can also arrange a face to face adaptation demonstration with your customer before they order their new car from you. This gives complete peace of mind. The last thing anyone wants is for a vehicle to be ordered only to find it’s not compatible with the adaptations required.

So please get in touch with us!

Every day we talk to dealers and their customers. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, working in partnership with over 600 Motability dealerships.

Make sure you take advantage of our adaptations experience and expertise.

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Not Every Disabled Driver Needs an Adapted Car

buying an adapted car I was browsing a website about arthritis today and ended up reading about what a driver with arthritis should look for when buying a new car. The tips were so useful, and relevant to many other disabilities, that I thought I should share them with you.

As you will see a car doesn’t always have to be adapted to enable a disabled driver to drive safely and in comfort.

So without further ado, here’s a summary of the tips:

Look for a car…

  1. That is an automatic with cruise control.
  2. That has sufficiently light power-assisted steering.
  3. That has heated, electrically operated seats.
  4. With no sills or narrow sills.
  5. With light and smooth opening doors.
  6. With conveniently placed handholds.
  7. With remote and central locking.
  8. With a keyless entry system.
  9. With push-button start.
  10. With windows that close automatically when the door is locked.
  11. With an automatic tailgate opener.
  12. With a boot with a low sill, or that has no sill at all.
  13. With a tailgate you can reach when it is open.

If you’re unsure whether an adaptation may be helpful then please pick up the phone or send us an email.

You can get in touch with Ergomobility by CLICKING HERE.

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