Who Do We Work With?

As long established, trusted and experienced vehicle adaptation specialists for disabled drivers and passengers, we work closely with many different people and organisations including:

Motability Accredited Car Dealerships

We now work with over 800 Motability accredited car dealerships in the South including Berkshire and Oxfordshire. This is where most of our business comes from. A Motability salesperson will meet with a new or existing customer to discuss their needs and will help them choose a new vehicle prior to it being adapted. They will then recommend Ergomobility to their customer. We work closely with the salesperson and their customer to ensure that the new vehicle is adapted to their exact specification. We have also developed a programme of popular seminars for our car dealerships to keep them up to speed with the latest advances in adaptations, advising them of new and improved technologies and products.

Assessment Centres

We work closely with several assessment centres including the Queen Elizabeth Foundation Centre in Carshalton, South East Driveability in Kent and the RDAC in Oxford. Assessment centres play an important role in offering practical advice, assessment and training for those wishing to drive or increase their mobility through assistive technology, personal mobility vehicles and adapted cars. Sometimes it is in the interests of a customer to be referred to an assessment centre before we can go into the detail of discussing the adaptations needed for them to drive. We also run training courses and seminars with  some of our assessment centre partners.


Over the last 20 years we have built strong links with many of the charities who play a key part in supporting their members by helping them to retain their independence both in the home and on the road. We are invited to speak at many charity events, sharing useful news, insights and tips about the latest adaptations and how they can benefit even the most severely disabled of drivers and passengers. We also offer training courses and seminars (at no charge), to charities interested in finding out more about adaptations and how their members can continue to enjoy the freedom of the road, despite their disabilities.

Customers Via The Motability Scheme

Many of our customers qualify for the Motability scheme, and have either advised their Motability car salesperson that they want Ergomobility to adapt their new vehicle, or the salesperson has recommended our adaptation services to them.

Direct Customers

Not every customer is eligible for the Motability scheme, which is why we also adapt vehicles for disabled drivers and passengers who approach us directly without any financial assistance from Motability.