Ergomobility News

Dec 2017

Adaptations and Vehicle Compatibility

Adaptations and Vehicle Compatibility For Motability customers looking for a vehicle which can be adapted, ordering the adaptations through your dealership when they order their car is “the only way to take advantage of the great prices the Motability scheme offers.”  Motability Website However, not all adaptations are suitable for every type of car; it’s all about the compatibility of … Continue reading

Nov 2017

Not Every Disabled Driver Needs An Adapted Car

Not Every Disabled Driver Needs An Adapted Car   I was browsing a website today about arthritis and what a driver with arthritis should look for when buying a new car. The tips were so useful and, relevant to many other disabilities too that I thought you might find them useful. As you will see a car doesn’t always have … Continue reading

Aug 2017

Does your customer need a WAV…..or not?

Does your customer need a WAV…..or not? WAVs – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles start out life as a standard vehicle and then a specialist conversion company makes a number of structural alterations to allow a wheelchair user to access and remain in their wheelchair – as a driver or passenger. These vehicles are not supplied through the standard Motability dealer network. … Continue reading

Jul 2017

Mid-Term Motability Adaptations

Can my customer have adaptations fitted to their vehicle mid-term? Welcome to the latest communication from Ergomobility, the vehicle adaptation specialists. We were asked this question by a Motability salesman a few days ago and as it’s not the first time, we thought it was worth sharing our answer.   Your customer can have adaptations to their vehicle during its … Continue reading

Jun 2017

Am I The Worst Salesman Ever?

Am I the worst salesman ever? I thought I’d share a story with you regarding a demonstration I did a few weeks ago, here at our HQ in Sussex. It proves that occasionally the best solution to a client’s problems doesn’t have to cost them a bean… My client, let’s call her Mrs D, was having trouble getting into the … Continue reading

May 2017

With Ergomobility You’re In Safe Hands

WITH ERGOMOBILITY YOU’RE IN SAFE HANDS To help your Motability customers, we have just launched a brand new 6 page guide. It has been designed so that you discuss its contents with a customer looking for some guidance on vehicle adaptations as well as their new vehicle. Included in the guide is: A really useful table, taken from the Motability … Continue reading

Apr 2017

Electronic Hand Controls

Electronic Hand Controls Electronic hand controls on the Motability Scheme are almost always electronic accelerator with a standard mechanical brake. They are designed for people who have a need for hand controls to operate the brake and accelerator but who also may suffer from upper body weakness. (The purpose of making the controls electronic is that they are extremely light … Continue reading

Mar 2017

Assessing Boot Hoists

Assessing Boot Hoists Boot hoists are used to lift wheelchairs and mobility scooters into the car safely and effortlessly and are one of the most popular adaptations on the Motability Scheme. Hoists are the biggest growing market since Motability started subsidising through the Adaptation Scheme. They are a necessary product for thousands of people who rely on their scooters and wheelchairs … Continue reading

Jan 2017

Quick and Easy Adaptation Guide

Quick and Easy Adaptation Guide I was going through the Motability web site the other day and found a very useful table giving advice to people about vehicle adaptations. I am occasionally surprised when customers of ours aren’t aware of what is available to them to help them either access or drive vehicles. I’m clearly wrong to be surprised, as … Continue reading

Dec 2016


When your Motability Client wants a WAV

When your Motability Client wants a WAV…   Motability Dealerships regularly message us saying they have a client that would like to travel in a vehicle, sitting in their wheelchair.  They will typically have researched the internet and on the back of this called their local dealership asking for a particular vehicle to be converted into a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible … Continue reading