More vehicle transfer adaptations

Many solutions have been devised over the years to assist drivers and passengers with getting in and out of their vehicles. From transfer plates to seat adjustments, or more bespoke solutions, we are on hand to talk through your options with you. Vehicle transfer plates (Tip-up plates) Vehicle transfer plates (otherwise known as tip-up plates) provide a smooth, frictionless surface…

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Person Hoists: Everything you need to know

Are you or a loved one unable to transfer from a wheelchair to a car seat unassisted? Person hoists could be the solution. Before going to the time and expense of changing to a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV), perhaps it’s time to look into the option of installing a person hoist in your existing car? Hoists – helping with the…

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Swivel Seats: Everything you need to know

Vehicle seating made simple Swivel seats can offer a great alternative to wheelchair accessible vehicles, enabling both drivers and passengers to transfer into and out of standard vehicles more easily. Free assessment service However, they do not work for everyone – with only one in every three people making a viable candidate, it is vital that every client has had…

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Three things for disabled drivers to look for in an EV

One of the most important aspects of adult independence is being able to get around by yourself. Whether you’re going to work, meeting a friend, or simply going to the shop to choose your own groceries, being able to drive can be an essential part of this. It’s especially important for those who live in rural areas, who may struggle…

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Remote Control Devices – Everything you need to know

Secondary driving controls at your fingertips Remote control devices allow the remote operation of a range of secondary vehicle functions, such as the indicators, horn, headlights, wipers and washers, all from one device. Why choose remote control devices? Remote control devices can provide a driving lifeline for people with a variety of disabilities. Drivers with lower limb disabilities often benefit…

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