Adaptations and Vehicle Compatibility

For Motability customers looking for a vehicle that can be adapted, ordering the adaptations through your dealership when they order their car is “the only way to take advantage of the great prices the Motability scheme offers.”…  However, not all adaptations are suitable for every type of car; the best approach is to consider the compatibility of the car with…

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Not Every Disabled Driver Needs an Adapted Car

I was browsing a website about arthritis today and ended up reading about what a driver with arthritis should look for when buying a new car. The tips were so useful, and relevant to many other disabilities, that I thought I should share them with you. As you will see a car doesn’t always have to be adapted to enable…

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Does Your Customer Need a WAV…..or Not?

WAVs – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles start out life as a standard vehicle and then a specialist conversion company makes a number of structural alterations to allow a wheelchair user to access and remain in their wheelchair – as a driver or passenger. These vehicles are not supplied through the standard Motability dealer network. They are only supplied through the converters…

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Mid-Term Motability Adaptations

We were asked a question by a Motability salesman a few days ago and as it’s not the first time, so we thought it was worth sharing our answer. Your customer can have adaptations to their vehicle during its lease period (after handover). However, they must advise Motability beforehand and the vehicle must be suitable for the adaptations. If it…

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Am I The Worst Salesman Ever?!

I thought I’d share a story with you regarding a demonstration I did a few weeks ago, here at our HQ in Sussex. It proves that occasionally the best solution to a client’s problems doesn’t have to cost them a bean… My client, let’s call her Mrs D, was having trouble getting into the front passenger seat of her new…

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