Swivel Seats

Swivel seats in general are designed to help people with mobility problems get in and out of vehicles. They swivel out by 90 degs and can be the perfect solution for someone who struggles to get over the sill of the vehicle and safely onto the car seat. Swivel seats are a great alternative to wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Mainly fitted to the passenger’s side, in some cases they can be fitted to the driver’s side.

Here at Ergomobility we are very aware that swivel seats don’t work for everyone so we like to ensure that in every case the client has had a full demonstration and assessment by us (usually our Managing Director Ryan Walker). We will happily advise on the appropriate vehicle and style of swivel seat to suit your needs or come up with other solutions should a swivel seat prove to be unsuitable.

There is quite a large variety of swivel seats in this section with a fairly large variation in price, so please contact us for more information.


6 Way Powered Seats

6 Way Powered Seats are generally used for people transferring once inside the vehicle.Very popular with wheelchair accessible vehicles where someone can access the vehicle through the rear whilst in their wheelchair. The 6 way seat slides back on extended powered runners and then swivels round 90deg to allow and easy transfer.

We fit the ‘Turn In’ system from Auto Adapt and the Ricon ‘Powered Seat Base’.

Turny-hdTurny OrbitTurny Evo

Turny Seats:

The Turny is a swivel seat which turns out 90 deg from the vehicle and also slides out and lowers. This makes it suitable for taller MPVs, mini MPVs, SUVs and the like.

They are also very suited to standard saloons and hatchbacks allowing easier transfer as the whole seat comes fully out of the vehicle.

Although in some occasions we can use the standard seat from the vehicle, this is often not possible purely down to height restrictions. In most occasions we would provide a separate seat with or without armrests.

There are 3 types of Turny.

Turny HD

The Turny HD is the base model of the Turny range. The in/out and up/down movement is fully electric and operated by a handset but the swivel mechanism is manually operated. (Usually by an assistant).

Other products compatible with the Turny HD – Carony.

Turny Orbit

The Turny Orbit is a fully electric seat. One touch of the button smoothly swivels the seat round, slides out of the vehicle and lowers towards the ground.

Easily used by either an assistant or by the person sitting in the seat.

Other products compatible with the Turny Orbit – Carony.

Turny EVO

The latest addition to the Turny range. The Turny EVO has taken a great system and made it better.

If there was a fault with the Turny HD and Orbit, it was that they were restricted in the amount of vehicles they could be fitted to.

The EVO. In the same way as the Orbit, is a fully electric seat but it also has an electric fore/aft movement. This allows the seat to hug the B pillar much more closely, leaving more user leg room whilst swivelling into the vehicle and meaning that Turnys are no longer restricted to use in large people carriers or 2 door cars.

Easily used by either an assistant or by the person sitting in the seat.

Other products compatible with the Turny EVO – Carony.

CaronyCarony GoCarony Kids


The Carony is a wheelchair system that is compatible with our swivel seat range.

Designed for people who struggle to do standing transfers from their wheelchair into the swivel seat, the Carony has a clever gliding system that slides the car seat onto a wheelbase, which is then released allowing the Carony to be used as an everyday wheelchair.

The Carony is compatible with both the Turnout and Turny systems and can be a great alternative to a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Types of Carony:

Carony Classic

The Classic is an elegant, lightweight and practical every day wheelchair as well as being able compatible with the swivel seat system.

Available as either a 12” or 24” wheelbase depending on whether the user is going to self propel or be pushed by an assistant, the Classic comes with a long list of extras to allow it to be tailor made to the individual’s needs.

Carony Go

The Carony Go is a comfortable and versatile powerchair for use both indoors and outdoors, with the added bonus that it can be used alongside one of our swivel seats.

The motor, batteries and electrics have all been cleverly fitted low down in the chair to allow for leg clearance when getting in and out of the vehicle.

The Carony Go is an excellent alternative for a person contemplating a wheelchair accessible van.

Carony Kids

The Carony Kids is a standard Carony that has been adapted to suit the needs of a growing child.

The seat base can be adjusted as your child grows and can eventually be turned into a standard adult seat. This requires an additional kit which we can supply.

The Carony Kids comes with 12” wheels for assisted and 24” for children who self propel.


Turnout Electric

In the same way as the standard turnout, it swivels round 90 deg to the vehicle and allows easy access from either standing or wheelchair  transfer.

The electric swivel can either help the person assisting or make it easy for the person sitting in the seat to swivel themselves around.

Other products compatible with the Turnout – Caroslide. Tilda. Carony.

Turnout Manual

Probably our most commonly fitted swivel seat. It is the base model with mechanically operated swivel and fore and after movement. In many cases this is all that is needed.

The turnout swivels round 90 deg to the vehicle and allows easy access from either standing or wheelchair  transfer.

Other products compatible with the Turnout – Caroslide. Tilda. Carony.

Additions to Swivel Seats



The Caroslide is compatible with our Turnout swivel seats.

It provides an electrically powered fore/aft movement to the seat which allows maximum foot space to the B pillar when swivelling round.


The Tilda was designed for use with the Turnout alone or with the Carony system and Turnout combined.

The idea is that you can rest your feet on the foot bar and tilt the seat backwards allowing better head room and relieving the need to lift legs over the car sill.

Adapty seat

Adapty Seat

The Adapty seat comes with 8 options or 12. It is a fully electric seat with fore/aft, up/down, backrest tilt, inflatable lumber and under knee support.

Many of our customers need to be able to make fine adjustments to their seat to make it comfortable for them to drive and often need to adjust the seat after a prolonged amount of time on the move. The Adapty seat offers great comfort and support at the touch of a button.