Steering Aids: Everything you need to know

Steering balls

Steering you in the right direction

Steering aids are designed to allow full control of the steering wheel with only one hand, making driving and maneuvering far easier. They are most commonly fitted alongside other hand controls.

Steering balls

When using hand controls, one hand will almost always be on the grip of the controls, either accelerating or braking. The steering ball allows full and safe control of the steering wheel with the other hand. Most steering aids are designed to be quick-release and so can easily be removed from the steering wheel.

These aids are available in a variety of shapes, including: ‘ball’, ‘mushroom’ and ‘tulip’. Whatever your preference, there’s a steering ball for your needs.

Wireless keypad steering aidWireless keypad steering aids

Usually, when a driver requires a steering aid it means they have either limited mobility in their upper body, or their other arm is operating hand controls of some description.

For the arm that is not steering, it can be difficult to operate secondary controls (indicators, horn, headlights, wipers, washers, etc.)  in a safe, painless and efficient manner.

Wireless keypad steering aids can provide a solution to this problem. They feature a control panel that is attached to the steering device, which enables the same hand that is steering to operate the secondary controls.

The controls are available with different grips and a choice of 7, 10, 13 or 18 functions (indicators, horn, headlights, etc.).

Glove & peg steering aids

The steering glove works in the same way as the standard steering ball but is designed for people with a limited amount of grip in their steering hand.  The hand is strapped to the moving part, allowing the driver full turning of the steering wheel.

Steering glove

Tetra grip steering aids

The steering tetra grip works in the same way as the standard steering ball but is designed for drivers with limited grip in their steering hand.  The wrist is wedged in place by the two lower pegs and the hand then rests on the top peg.

Tetragrip Adaptacar

Bespoke steering aid solutions tailored to your needs

We pride ourselves on our ability to engineer bespoke solutions to resolve complex problems. If you’ve previously been told something can’t be done, please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can look at your options with you.

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