Electronic hand controls

Making light work of hand controls

There are a wide range of electronic hand controls available on the market. Most operate in a similar way to mechanical hand controls but they are much lighter to use. The majority of electronic accelerators are also used alongside a mechanical brake, however electronic brake systems are also available.

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Electronic hand controls

Why choose electronic hand controls

Some drivers have limited strength in their upper body as well as in the lower body, which can make operating mechanical hand controls difficult. In these cases, electronic systems can provide a good solution, because very little pressure or upper body strength is required to operate them.

If you aren’t sure which hand controls you require, our team are here to talk through your options with you. If you have never used hand controls before, we may recommend a driving assessment with an accredited assessment centre.

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Over-ring accelerator

Over ring accelerators

Under-ring accelerator

Under ring accelerators

Ghost Accelerator

The Ghost Accelerator

Electronic Radial hand controls

Electronic radial hand controls

Electronic trigger controls

Trigger hand controls

Satellite Accelerator

Satellite accelerators

Electronic pull accelerator

Electronic pull accelerators

Other electronic hand controls

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