Can my customer have adaptations fitted to their vehicle mid-term?olympian_web_8

Welcome to the latest communication from Ergomobility, the vehicle adaptation specialists. We were asked this question by a Motability salesman a few days ago and as it’s not the first time, we thought it was worth sharing our answer.


Your customer can have adaptations to their vehicle during its lease period (after handover). However, they must advise Motability beforehand and the vehicle must be suitable for the adaptations. If it is, your customer must pay the Motability Adaptation Specialist directly.


There are a few reasons why someone may need adaptations fitted after the vehicle handover:

-A change in their disability.

-The client not realising what adaptations were available.

-Something getting missed by the client, dealer or adaptation specialist at the time of ordering the vehicle.


Obviously, a change in disability cannot be predicted and therefore adding extra adaptations is unavoidable.

The other two circumstances may be avoided if the adaptation specialist takes the time to speak to your client at the time of ordering.

At Ergomobility we always contact your customer before adapting their vehicle. We sometimes find that they would benefit from additional adaptations, many of which they may not be aware of and are often free under the Motability scheme. For example, a customer requesting hand controls may also benefit from a steering ball, indicator switch and pedal guard.

It is our mission to ensure delivery of the best solution for your customer every time so that they enjoy safe and comfortable driving for the entire period of their vehicle lease, without the need for extra adaptations being fitted after collecting their new vehicle.