Does your customer need a WAV…..or not?

WAVs – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles start out life as a standard vehicle and then a specialist conversion company makes a number of structural alterations to allow a wheelchair user to access and remain in their wheelchair – as a driver or passenger.


These vehicles are not supplied through the standard Motability dealer network. They are only supplied through the converters themselves.

But does your customer need a WAV or not?

If your customer can transfer out of their wheelchair without too much discomfort and effort then a standard car fitted with adaptations could be the answer.


Adaptations may include:

– Wheelchair/scooter boot hoists

– Swivel seats

– Person hoists

– Transfer plates

– Wheelchair stowage roof boxes


But we don’t expect you to know the answer to this question so contact Ergomobility. We can talk to your customer and if necessary arrange a demonstration and an assessment to ensure they get the right vehicle from you at the very outset.