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Remote Control Devices – Everything you need to know

Secondary driving controls at your fingertips

Remote control devices allow the remote operation of a range of secondary vehicle functions, such as the indicators, horn, headlights, wipers and washers, all from one device.

Why choose remote control devices?

Remote control devices can provide a driving lifeline for people with a variety of disabilities. Drivers with lower limb disabilities often benefit from using these devices if they are using hand controls to operate the accelerator and brake as well as the steering, because it can be dangerous to release those controls to operate secondary functions, such as the indicators, wipers, lights etc. Drivers with limited use of their arms can also benefit from remote control devices because reaching the stalks in their vehicle can be more difficult, or even painful.

Wireless keypadIf you aren’t sure which secondary controls will work best for you, our team are here to talk through your options with you. For further information, contact our team.

Wireless keypads

Wireless keypads are designed to allow the remote operation of the vehicle’s secondary functions (indicators, horn, headlights, wipers, washers, etc.). These functions are operated by using a keypad, which is usually fixed to the steering wheel but can be located anywhere within easy reach of the driver. Different keypads feature a range of different functions, depending on the driver’s preference.

Mini KeypadsMini keypads

Mini Keypads work in a similar way to wireless keypads, but are specifically designed to be fitted alongside hand controls. They are, therefore, conveniently fitted in close proximity to the hand controls.

Mini keypads allow the driver to operate up to 13 secondary functions: indicators, lights (dip/main/flash), horn, front & rear wipers & washers and hazards (hazards must be requested at time of order and are not available on all vehicles). The systems are hard-wired and compatible with nearly all makes & models of hand controls.

Bleeper systemBleeper systems

Bleeper systems enable a driver to operate the key secondary control functions (indicators, horn, headlights, wipers, washers) using a single button. On pressing and holding the button, the system cycles through the secondary functions, giving a bleep as it passes through each function. The required function is selected by releasing the button at the appropriate bleep. Selecting the same function again cancels its operation.

Bleeper systems operate up to 13 functions and can be fitted in a variety of positions in the car, allowing the driver to operate the functions with fingers, elbows, head etc.

Bespoke solutions tailored to your needs

We pride ourselves on our ability to engineer bespoke solutions to resolve complex problems. If you’ve previously been told something can’t be done, please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can look at your options with you.

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