Assessing Boot Hoists

Boot hoists are used to lift wheelchairs and mobility scooters into the car safely and effortlessly and are one of the most popular adaptations on the Motability Scheme. Hoists are the biggest growing market since Motability started subsidising through the Adaptation Scheme. They are a necessary product for thousands of people who rely on their scooters and wheelchairs for their daily…

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Does your Motability client really need a WAV?

Motability Dealerships regularly message us saying they have a client who would like to travel in a vehicle, sitting in their wheelchair.  They will typically have researched the internet and off the back of this have called their local dealership, asking for a particular vehicle to be converted into a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle). ‘Chances are the Motability Specialist will…

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Why Motability have made Swivel Seat demos compulsory

Swivel seats are the ideal solution for a person with a mobility issue. They enable a passenger or driver to sit comfortably in the front of a car and are often an alternative to sitting in the back of a wheelchair accessible van. The only drawback with swivel seats is that they don’t work for everyone. In our experience, for…

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Discreet Push/Pull Hand Controls – a Better Way to Drive

Push/pull hand controls are by far the most commonly fitted adaptation to Motability vehicles. They’re free of charge on the Motability Scheme and they enable thousands of people to drive. They can also enhance the driving experience and comfort for a disabled driver when coupled with a steering ball – also free on the Motability Scheme. The basic idea and…

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