Steering Aids: Everything you need to know

Steering you in the right direction Steering aids are designed to allow full control of the steering wheel with only one hand, making driving and maneuvering far easier. They are most commonly fitted alongside other hand controls. Steering balls When using hand controls, one hand will almost always be on the grip of the controls, either accelerating or braking. The…

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Pedal adaptations: Everything you need to know

Helping you put your best foot forward A whole variety of adjustments can be made to the pedals of a car, to enable driving or improve the experience. These range from left foot accelerator pedals, to pedal extensions (for those who are struggling to reach). Left foot accelerator pedals Left foot accelerator pedals are designed for drivers with limited use…

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Electronic hand controls: Everything you need to know

There is a wide range of electronic hand controls available on the market. Most operate in a similar way to mechanical hand controls but they are much lighter to use. The majority of electronic accelerators are also used alongside a mechanical brake, however, electronic brake systems are also available. Why choose electronic hand controls Some drivers have limited strength in…

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Mechanical hand controls – Everything you need to know

As time marches on, the vehicle adaptation industry is continually developing better ways of helping disabled drivers. Arguably one of the oldest types of adaptations is hand controls. These allow disabled drivers to control the accelerator and brake pedals via a system of levers mounted below the steering wheel. So what are the different types of hand controls? Push/pull hand…

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Adapted vehicles – what are they and how can they help?

The freedom being able to drive affords us allows us to experience the world in a variety of new and interesting ways. From a simple trip to the local grocery store to that much-anticipated vacation, driving gives us the ability to accomplish and enjoy so much more of what life has to offer. Whilst driving with a disability may seem…

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