When your Motability Client wants a WAV…



Motability Dealerships regularly message us saying they have a client that would like to travel in a vehicle, sitting in their wheelchair.  They will typically have researched the internet and on the back of this called their local dealership asking for a particular vehicle to be converted into a WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle). Chances are the Motability Specialist will spend time showing cars to their client, looking at the internet with them and pulling together prices.


It’s usually at this stage the Specialist calls us only to hear disappointing news…..
Motability will not allow a vehicle on the Standard Car Scheme to be converted into a WAV. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Mini Clubman or a full sized van that could be converted into a WAV; it’s not allowed on the Motability Scheme.

The reason why?

Motability have a WAV Scheme with a selection of Motability approved vehicles that have been converted by Motability approved converters. If someone wants to travel in a wheelchair within a Motability vehicle it has to be purchased through the WAV Scheme.
So, if one of your clients is looking for a WAV please direct them to the Motability web site where they can get all the information they need.

Or why don’t you…

Call Ergomobility, your Adaptation Specialist? There may well be other products your client is not aware of; products that would solve their access issues and eliminate the need for a WAV.
You’d be surprised at how many people are unaware of the existence of swivel seats, sliding plates, wheelchair hoists, person hoists, etc… Any one of these or a combination would allow many of your clients to travel in the front seat of a standard car. A WAV is not their only option.
If after all this your client does need a WAV, we would happily point them in the right direction. But make sure you contact us for help and advice first.