Wheelchair Restraints and Docking Systems

Occupied Wheelchair Remote Docking System

Occupied Wheelchair Docking System

We fit a range of fully crash tested docking systems which allow the wheelchair occupant to safely dock themselves into position without the need for someone to manually lock the individual wheelchair straps to the floor. The electronic release button enables the occupant to undock themselves in the same way.

This system is very often used in ‘Drive from Wheelchair’ vehicles or ‘Internal Transfer’ vehicles where the wheelchair user wants to maintain full independence but isn’t able to use the standard wheelchair restraint systems.

Other products often used alongside docking systems.

  • Occupant Restraints.
  • Electronic headrests.
  • Emergency manual release.

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Occupied Wheelchair Restraints

Occupied Wheelchair Restraints

We fit a range of fully crash tested wheelchair restraints, which allow someone to travel in a wheelchair with both their wheelchair and themselves strapped safely in position.

This system is most commonly used in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles where the wheelchair user will have an assistant to help strap the chair in position.

Very often used with the standard tracking system. We can also provide a button attachment which allows the straps to be easily locked to the floor.

Other products often used alongside docking systems.

  • Electric foldable headrests.
  • Manual foldable headrests.

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Scooter Station

Scooter Station

The Scooter Station is a remote docking system which allows the occupant to safely dock the scooter without having to use floor mounted manual straps.

Scooters should not normally be used for travel in a moving vehicle and the Scooter Station is not intended for this purpose. However the Scooter Station is very often used in ‘Internal Transfer’ vehicles where the user will transfer to a fixed seated position, leaving the scooter safely docked in position.

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Unoccupied Wheelchair Restraint Systems

We fit a range of fully crash tested wheelchair restraints.

These can be used in wheelchair accessible vehicles to secure the wheelchair or scooter in place after the occupant has transferred into a car seat or very often, fitted alongside our hoists to prevent the wheelchair or scooter  moving through the car in the event of an emergency.

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