Discreet Push/Pull Hand Controls – a Better Way to Drive

Electronic pull acceleratorPush/pull hand controls are by far the most commonly fitted adaptation to Motability vehicles. They’re free of charge on the Motability Scheme and they enable thousands of people to drive. They can also enhance the driving experience and comfort for a disabled driver when coupled with a steering ball – also free on the Motability Scheme.

The basic idea and use of push/pulls hasn’t varied much in 50 years.

The big difference however lies in the gap in the quality of some push/pull hand controls.

We only ever buy and fit the highest quality discreet push/pull controls… Here’s why you should only recommend the discreet ones to your customers too

  • The rods are always hidden behind the dashboard. Why? Rods run on the outside of the dash not only look unsightly but drivers can catch and hurt their knees on them when entering or leaving the car.
  • The clamps around the pedals are high up so they don’t get in the way when the driver wants to use the standard pedals. Pedal clamps that sit too low can hit the driver’s feet when the pedals are being used. Crucially they can also get in the way of knee airbags.

There are two manufacturers of discreet hand controls on the Motability Scheme and every approved adaptation company can fit them if they so desire. But incredibly many still fit the old fashioned ones.

Insist on discreet hand controls.

Don’t compromise. Let your customer experience the very best in comfort and safety.

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